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FLAIR meets Biedermeier

Our newest project in the south of Vienna


  We are building our new residential site in the district of Mödling – one of the most popular districts south of Vienna. This park-like property in the center of the city of Maria Enzersdorf will be partially used to create a vivid living structure composed of five different apartment houses.

  Impressiv: the very good public transportation into Vienna and the beautiful convergence to nature with close by Anniger and Lichtenstein.

  Very special: The historical Biedermeier building will be fully revitalized with modern construction technology to create astounding modern flats in Biedermeier style. To this the remaining building in modern style will be attached. These buildings are grouped like a natural grown structure surrounding a nice court yard. In the back of the property will be a large park area with biotope and playground, which are only accessible to the inhabitants of our residential buildings.

  Special attention needs to be brought to the garden pavilion – in the times of the emperor Fanz Josef rumors say that he rested in this pavilion after he visited Maria Enzersdorf. 🙂

  By the way our new project will again be composed of harmonic colors, cozy wood, revitalizing natural green spaces and inspiring water elements – fountain, creek and biotope – planned with passion and having that kind of flair, which our costumers like so much.

  FLAIR meets Biedermeier is the residential site of people with individual needs! Regardsless if single, couple or family – with apartment sizes between 35 and 180 m² we have the perfect fit vor everyone. Each and every apartment has its individual floorplan – from small lofts or house-like garden apartments to penthouses with elevator directly into the private spaces.

Current plan of the contruction site:

Construction Started: 7. Oct. 2015

 Construction Completion: Spring 2017

So far our apartments are only available on the German pages, but …

… in a personal talk we can help you to find the right apartment for you!

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