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Past Projects

 FLAIR past projects

We operate since the year 2000 as property developer and since than we realized and sold out four major projects. With us our client received everything first hand, with a quality and care exceeding ones exceptions.  However we see quality and care more dimensional as we do not only focus on top quality on the means of construction, but also we put increased quality of life into our living spaces. An further point of our success is the quality of customer service, because in our business the customers decision does have a lasting influence on his life. And with our residential building we know that it will be an optimal improvement of quality of life of every inhabitant.

We are convinced that below you will get a very good impression of our past four projects, and if you wish you can contact us and visit them.


FLAIR Cottage

FLAIR Parkappartments

FLAIR Village

FLAIR Green Village