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Past Projects

 FLAIR past projects

Since our inception as bespoke property developers in 2000, we have successfully completed four distinct residential complexes to the highest standards.  We offer our customers everything from a single source, resulting in quality homes that exceed expectations. For us, the importance of high standards lies not only in the materials, methods and workmanship but also in the quality of life provided by our FLAIR holistic living spaces. In addition, we place great importance in the quality of our customer care and the effect of our homes in the lives of our customers both in the short and long term.

We believe that our residential complexes show the passion and dedication we give to each FLAIR project. Here you can find images and information to see for yourself. To arrange a visit to any of the projects, please get in touch with us.


FLAIR Cottage

Our first project; FLAIR Cottage located in Liesingbach was successfully completed in 2004. With this project, our goal of creating a holistic, high standard residential habitat was realised. Today, the FLAIR Cottage is still a sought after home with a vacation feel.

FLAIR Parkappartments

Following on from the successful FLAIR Cottage our second project began in the village of Mauer, Anton Kriegergasse in Vienna. By following the same holistic approach  as the FLAIR Cottage and sensitively maximising the benefit of the surrounding nature by combining specific building and style elements perfectly balanced to produce a harmonious residence community.

FLAIR Village

With the success and experience of our first two projects, FLAIR Village returned to the locality of the FLAIR Cottage; south Vienna. Once again, the successful FLAIR formula of modern, high standard distinctive buildings fitting seamlessly within the natural area produced 55 family homes in  Drachestrasse.

FLAIR Green Village

As can be ascertained from the name, additional emphasis for this project focused on the nature elements with strategically positioned green areas, flora & fauna and water features including an above-ground spring. In keeping with the natural feel of the village, wood was featured strongly as a building material and complements the beautifully balanced design and colour palette of the FLAIR Green Village. Completed by late 2013, these homes were sold out within one year.